WD-40 is Amazing Stuff

We’ve all used WD-40 for various things.  Hinges, bicycle chains, squeaky wheels, stuck bolts, you know the uses.

Well, Marisa picked up a can of Spot Shot to try clean some spots in the carpet.  This stuff is amazing!  Spray it on, let it sit for 5 minutes, and blot it out.  The spots disappeared before our eyes!

Our carpet is white.  Or off-white.  The original owners must not have owned pets.  Or young kids.

The can says it will remove old stains, so she tried it on a really old  and large dog vomit stain.  Now we’ve worked on this stain for several years.  We’ve use steam cleaners, various carpet cleaners, vinegar, ammonia, you name it.  It had come out some, but was still obvious.

After the first application of this stuff, it had come out rather significantly.  One more application and it was completely gone!

It amazed us.  We needed to know more about who makes this stuff.  Looking closer at the can, we discovered it’s made by the WD-40 company!  So she went to their website to thank them.

I discovered a document on their website called the WD-40 List of 2000+ Uses.  There are some very interesting tips on there.  A couple of items were various electrical contacts such as relay and motor contacts.

I have an ATV that I mostly use for plowing snow.  The electric start quit working a couple of years ago.  I was going to try replacing the solenoid, but didn’t want to spend the money.  So I’ve just been starting it with the pull start.

After reading the list, I thought I’d try it on the solenoid.  I removed it, gave it a good spray, and let it sit for a day.  The next day I reinstalled it, and when I tried to start the ATV, it cranked right over!  It now starts just fine!

I sprayed the plow blade with it before plowing, and no snow stuck to it.  I sprayed all of the snow shovels and the inside of the snow blower and no snow stuck to them.

Got any good uses for WD-40?  I’d love to hear about them below.

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