More Jumbo Jaws

corian jaws

Angelo’s Corian Jaws

I’d like to thank Angelo, who, in response to my Homemade Jumbo Jaws article, sent me a picture of some jaws he made out of corian. These look awesome!

These seem to be much more stable than plywood jaws.  Thanks for sharing, Angelo!

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2 Responses to More Jumbo Jaws

  1. Don Main says:

    Very impressive. I have never worked with corian. Does it turn well on a lathe, and are there any problems working it?

    • Angelo says:

      Sorry I didn;t answer you sooner, but while brousing old sites I came across your question.
      Thank you for the compliment.
      To answer your question, no, working corian is fairly simple.
      Works well on a lathe, cuts easy on a band saw, and drills easy also.
      On the lathe you use only “scrapers” and parting tools at a slow speed.
      Try it first with small scrap pieces to get the feel of the product and the tools,
      then move on to any project you wish to tackle.

      Good luck!

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