Homemade Carbide Hollowing Tool

Completed Tool

Completed Tool

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  1. Jack Chartrand says:

    Iam 78 years old and just getting started in wood turning been a wood carver for a long time Iam going to make a handle and tool bar for my squar carbite cutter do you know the tipe size and drill size for the 6/32 screw hole?and I would like to buy a round cuter and need to know which size would be the most useful for holling out bowls ?help me if you can thank you for any help you can give me. thanks, Jack

    • Bill says:

      The tap size I used is 6-32, and the drill bit size is 7/64”. I use 12 mm round cutters, and it seems to work pretty well for hollowing.

      Good luck with the turning!

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